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(im) Caseyn Alexander Eckhardt 

Toronto-based photographer specializing in fashion and portraiture photography. 

Interested in exploring the worlds of fashion and art, mixing mediums and creating new means of exploring photography.

Caseyn's work often depicts or references gender studies and the diversely creative queer community. Exploring topics of gender fluidity and questioning societal norms.

A large user of film particularly medium format and 35mm. The process in which his projects are completed take durationally longer than those of modern commercial artists. Spending more time with these projects and fully understanding what is and isn't working throughout. In the end beneficial.   

Familiar with videography and other means of creative works, he considers himself a jack of all trades. Taking on roles outside of his job description. Having a large interest in styling, creative direction and video work. His abilities axel far beyond the means of photography.

Caseyn Alexander Eckhardt 

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